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Draw the Line pt. 1

How often do we make decisions on temporary emotions? Me: I do this more often than I would like to admit. It's true, I encourage myself to physically take a break from things that have put a strain on me. Emotional/mental breaks? These are rare for me, I'm not always keen on taking breaks, putting my needs before others, vocalizing my thoughts, admitting when I need assistance.. The list goes on! Each week, I make a conscious effort to check in on myself, re-introduce my daily intentions in a way that ensures my actions are aligned with my vision. To me, if I am not 90% or above in the mental/emotional department, my ability to properly function is not an option. Everything I do must and will be linked to all aspects of my life. Making time to reboot the central system (myself) has been on my "To Do List" for quite some time, but life happened.. With that being said, establishing  boundaries for myself and those who are close to me, has been an excellent addition to my self-care. All presents are not created equal, nor are they physical or materialistic. Choosing to gift myself with the freedom of not allowing molecules of uncertainty to seep into my space. I refuse to make myself available to things that can throw off my moral compass. 


Be kind to yourself!

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