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If you’re dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.. It’s hard to think of life without dreams and aspirations, it feels like an inability to breath and total misery. Letting your mind explore the possibilities in life is what makes each and every day significant. How can you truly live life if all you ever think about is what everyone else thinks you can’t do? It’s irrational and unreasonable to believe you can never be happy. If everyone believed in their purpose the world be a different place. Being unhappy is a choice, remaining that way can seem like a death sentence.. Follow your dreams even if the road gets lonely, there is always hope and faith will guide you through the hills and valleys. You can never be too prepared for life, you can only live it to the best of your ability. Try new things, read more books, eat different cuisines and create meaningful relationships. The rest will sort itself out. I’m here to share my passion with the world and to encourage others to take the leap of faith, even when you are the only person who believes in you. Greater risk, greater reward. You never lose, you either win or you learn. I plan on being a life long student and I’m open to anything that comes my way. Say yes to yourself and no to everything else.. Self confidence starts at the core of a person, build on yourself. Love yourself more than any thing in this world could possible love you. When you reach that peak at the top of the mountain, yell at the top of your lungs.. Fuck you, doubt! I made it without YOU! ❤️

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