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Habits are like slices of your personality smeared across your surface. Parts of you polished over time, embedded in your DNA. Naughty little bugger, how can something so simple be so fuck complex? I sat with myself for an hour just crying about how much I have lost of myself over the years. I fucking cried about not being who I thought I was. How sad is that? Wishing I could go back and figure out when shit hit the fan.. 7 years ago I destroyed the person who loved me the most, myself. Why? I couldn’t find happiness within the walls of me so I allowed habits to interfere with my perception of myself. Driven by acceptance, lusted by faith, built on fake identities. Dig deep! Let the shit surface. The journey of life is built within the every day. Too often we seek the entertainment of others, allowing ourselves to be yolked every ounce of self sufficiency. Now dependent on others to one day find what was there all along. Shelling layers of debris, Exposing the foundation, this is what life is about. Who wants to be submerged in misery and self doubt? Not me. I encourage you to take a moment to make space for you. Pause before you respond, every thing doesn’t deserve a reaction. Take in a few more breaths today, calm your nerves and hydrate. Everything else can wait. Fuck! Sitting with my thoughts morning, noon and night. So much changes in a day. Slowing it down and digging deep. Sit with yourself and try to be present in that moment. Every time your mind wanders, gently guide your focus back to where you are in that present moment. Breath! Expand you entire lung, exhale through you mouth. Breath! Inhale and exhale. Everything will be okay. Why? Because YOU said so. 🌸

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