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Getting shit done!

Call me old fashion but i think better when I’m by myself, no distractions just me and my thoughts. Writing everything down (pen and paper) has always been my go to. I like to visualize what I need to get done and what I want to accomplish. It helps to prioritize your tasks and map out the strategy on making shit happen. Once I make my to-do list, I start knocking things off. I physically cross off each thing that I get done.. Once the list is completed I don’t add to it. I give myself a mental break and celebrate my wins.   Here’s my list for today: clean the bathroom, make breakfast, change my sheets, brush my teeth,...

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Color Theory & Philosophy

Fun fact: not all artist enjoy color I happen to be one of those artist who enjoy a gray scale or monochromatic color scheme.. With that being said, you will find the use of color in my work but it’s never unintentional. Each color scheme is chosen and the application is somewhat organic. As long as I control media, the application is never a burden. It takes a couple minutes for me to figure out what I’m going to use, I’ll arrange them in a scale from light to dark then plug in the color where I feels it fits in the composition. As an artist we tug at our imagination a great deal and there’s an ongoing battle than...

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