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Getting shit done!

Call me old fashion but i think better when I’m by myself, no distractions just me and my thoughts. Writing everything down (pen and paper) has always been my go to. I like to visualize what I need to get done and what I want to accomplish. It helps to prioritize your tasks and map out the strategy on making shit happen. Once I make my to-do list, I start knocking things off. I physically cross off each thing that I get done.. Once the list is completed I don’t add to it. I give myself a mental break and celebrate my wins.   Here’s my list for today: clean the bathroom, make breakfast, change my sheets, brush my teeth,...

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Everyone starts from zero, no one comes into this world with everything figured out and clear vision on what’s next.. It’s important to take time to reflect and process in your craft. This shouldn’t be seen as unproductive or insignificant in ones practice. I often have to focus myself to step back and let my work breath. It not only gives your brain a rest, the next time you dive in it could have a totally different experience for you. Finding the balance between what’s healthy and unhealthy for you as an artist can be quite challenging. You never know if you are not giving enough attention or if you are smothering it. There’s a fine line between art and...

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Figure & Anatomy

Happy Hump Day! There’s nothing better than being inspired in the mist of confusion.. I often get lost in the day to day routine and spend entirely tooooooooooo much freaking time overthinking basic things instead of developing my ideas. Mental barriers are a constant for me and the best way for me to get out of myself is to apply myself. That being said, I was able to begin a new piece and finish it within the same session. Not common but when it happens I’m quite elated by my efforts. Sometimes it’s just better to start instead of deciding what you want it to look like. Half the time I’m dazed out and forget what I’m even creating. Focusing more...

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