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Lay your dreams up to the sky..

Donny Hathaway Happy Saturday! This weekend is filled with organizing, decluttering and a sensual performance. I’ve decided to do a full purge of the clothes I have in hopes of letting go of things that no longer serve a purpose. I tend to wear the same things year round so I’m always attracted to pieces that scream versatility and comfort. I have a ton of items that never see daylight and that needs to change. Deep clean the house and de clutter my wardrobe are the objectives for this Saturday. Sunday I will be back in charlotte for a night cap, I am nervous but also very excited to see an erotic performance. This year I’m challenging myself to step...

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Weekend vibes

Full week came to an end with delicious treats from a local bakery, online purchases and great conversations with people I adore. This week has been quite jammed pack with work and balancing my world outside of my day to day routine. I’m quite impressed with the work that was done during the week and it just boosts my creative juices for this upcoming week. My kiddos are starting to work with a new medium for the next few weeks and I want their work to be inspired by coral reefs through liquid water colors. They learned how to mix primary colors to create an array of colors and varies techniques to allow opportunities for expression. My upper level kids...

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