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Weekend vibes

Full week came to an end with delicious treats from a local bakery, online purchases and great conversations with people I adore. This week has been quite jammed pack with work and balancing my world outside of my day to day routine. I’m quite impressed with the work that was done during the week and it just boosts my creative juices for this upcoming week. My kiddos are starting to work with a new medium for the next few weeks and I want their work to be inspired by coral reefs through liquid water colors. They learned how to mix primary colors to create an array of colors and varies techniques to allow opportunities for expression. My upper level kids are transitioning from charcoal to oil pastels and I must say, the suspense is nerve racking.. I’m excited but mostly curious to how they will start application of materials once they have done a completed sketch for reference. 

Fast forward, I’ll be heading to charlotte for an event I’ve been looking forward to for the last few months. The day is finally here and I know it’s going to be dope vibes and a break away from my daily scenery. In the mean time, I’m going to run a couple errands before I get some chores done around the house. Saturday’s are meant to reboot and rejuvenate for the next week. I was able to sleep in, wake up to my dog snuggling with me.. Waking up on my own terms, eat a coconut pastry and dipped on a delicious cup of coffee and 2 hour convo with my parents. What more could you want? On that note, going to finish up this interview I’m watching them get myself ready to go get some paper from Hobby Lobby. 

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